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What is an Interim Finance Director?

  • Interim Finance Directors are independent FDs who work through Limited companies. Therefore, there is no permanent commitment and none of the usual employment issues apply when you hire their services
  • Interim FDs are hands on heavyweights who have a huge amount of experience and objectivity from a wide range of previous experience. They are extremely objective in outlook and have the required authority and inter personal skills to deliver
  • An Interim FD can be on site and contributing within days
  • Because of their seniority, Interim FDs do not need to be supervised and therefore provide the maximum contribution rapidly. In essence, Interim Finance Directors are overqualified for their assignments, a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, in order that they can make a difference immediately
  • Employees benefit by learning new skills and their own careers can thus benefit from working alongside, and being mentored by, the Interim FD during the assignment
  • Confidentiality is a key asset of an Interim FD as their continued success in gaining assignments depends on satisfied clients
  • Interim FDs can absorb large amounts of data and understand your business model quickly, so as to be effective from day one and provide best value
  • The nature of their work makes Interims adaptable to different business sectors and company cultures
  • Assignments can be conducted to meet individual company needs and can thus be on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis
  • Once their job is complete they move onto the next assignment. As they are only assigned to a particular piece of work they are only paid when they are engaged on that task
  • An Interim Finance Director, unlike a consultant, takes full responsibility for implementation and results

What value can an Interim Finance Director add to my business?

  • An Interim Finance Director contributes to your business and problem solving from day one of the assignment
  • Full focus on the business needs, as the Interim FD is not concerned with career issues
  • Providing skills that have been refined and proven in practice
  • Looking at problems objectively, not affected by inter-personal, political and other organisational issues
  • Being sensitive to the need to involve all relevant stakeholders and to communicate with them
  • An Interim Finance Director therefore provides a flexible, professional resource to make changes and solve problems rapidly. The organisation can move forward faster than competitors and develop in a way that is optimised to the true business needs. Progress is not limited by the skills of the permanent team
  • Cost effective to the business, as the Interim Finance Director is only retained as long as needed

What are the most frequent solutions that an Interim Finance Director would satisfy?

Management of transition and change.

  • Crisis management
  • Re-organisations
  • Integration of acquisitions
  • Disposals of businesses
  • Restructuring
  • Improvement of internal controls and procedures

Satisfy short term skills needs

  • Unexpected resignation of the Finance director
  • Maternity leave
  • Outgrown your existing Finance director
  • Existing management team lack the specialist skills required to deliver specific projects.
  • Existing management team overstretched and unable to cope with their "day jobs"

Company Doctor

  • Review business plans, commercial opportunities and financial implications
  • Recommend solutions to improve profitability and cash flow and deliver the agreed solution

Re-organisation and business turnaround

  • Assess the effectiveness of existing systems, controls and procedures, and make appropriate recommendations
  • Implement and deliver the agreed plan

Aside from turnaround situations or acting as a “Safe pair of hands” etc, where else could an Interim Finance Director add value to my business?

  • Growth in the top and bottom line, leading to greater shareholder value is what every business wants. Delivering that growth in lean resourced operations may simply not be possible and adding permanent executives is expensive and time consuming. Many organisations therefore use proven Interim Executives to deliver focused projects that truly create shareholder value. Interim Finance Directors have significant experience in diverse situations, to which they have contributed rapidly and effectively
  • Incumbent teams can manage the on-going business whilst participating in the implementation of a new, growth orientated strategy. They will also be learning valuable skills from the Interim FD that will further enhance the company's long term performance
  • Interim FDs have repeatedly delivered growth and had significant exposure to resolving organisational issues and achieving growth in challenging situations. They are ideal for "kick-starting" growth and motivating employees towards performance goals previously regarded as unachievable
  • With a broad skill set, Interims contribute in an optimum manner and are only retained for the defined project. However, their contribution is long lasting as they deliver sustainable success through developing and empowering the in-house team. Total company performance and shareholder value are thus greatly enhanced

What is the mechanism of contracting an Interim Finance Director?

  • Interim Finance Directors operate through limited VAT registered companies, such as Intervallum Limited, and are therefore a supplier to your Company
  • By operating through such limited companies, the Interim FD is not your employee and therefore Intervallum Limited is responsible for the Interim FD’s PAYE, Employers and Employees NIC contributions, holiday pay, sick pay, PHI, PMI, Pension contributions, car allowance etc
  • Apart from the agreed daily fee plus any agreed expenses between Intervallum Limited and your Company, there are no other costs to pay to or on behalf of the Interim Finance Director
  • Intervallum Limited has Professional Indemnity (PI) cover in place, which is a pre-requisite to most clients
  • When contracting with an Interim Finance Director, it is advantageous to both parties to ensure that the responsibilities in the engagement letter are clear both for yourself and the Interim FD. This helps to keep the assignment aims and deliverables focussed
  • Intervallum Limited has references and testimonials for previous work undertaken. This not only reinforces the achievements but also may add valuable information on how the Interim FD will fit into your own organisation

Why use Intervallum Limited?

  • Experience: Having an experienced Interim FD and qualified accountant from Intervallum working as a part of the management team provides the opportunity to benefit from sound strategic advice assimilated over years of being involved in business finance
  • Objectivity: An interim FD can offer an independent expert perspective to help the business owner look at the businesses strengths and weaknesses. The FD can translate this into practical steps to get the business into the best financial position for growth
  • Pay as you go: We charge by the hour or by the day only for time undertaken at a pre-agreed rate. Thus, you’re not committed to a permanent overhead and unlike the permanent option there is no holiday pay, national insurance or benefits to pay
  • The right financial information: An Interim FD can ensure that the company’s finance function is fit for purpose, complying with statutory reporting requirements and ensuring that management reporting includes accurate financial statements and non-financial information/KPIs for informed decision-making
  • The right skills: We provide the technical capability to handle UK GAAP, IFRS, different accounting systems and databases with quality and attention to detail
  • Available immediately: attracting a full-timer from permanent employment can take months. Normally, we can start immediately and work when and where you need us across the UK, Europe and beyond
  • Responding to change: we can assist with special projects such as an acquisition, disposal, due diligence, investment proposals or to help with a period of restructuring. Our flexibility provides the optimum balance of productivity and cost
  • Build relationships: An Interim FD will have many years of experience in building and maintaining effective relationships with other stakeholders – employees, management, investors, banks, HMRC, suppliers and customer etc to ensure that the assignment is a success

Are you an Interim Agency?

No, Intervallum Limited is a service provider and our principals work at the sharp end within client organisations. We are the practitioners, not the introducers.

Are you an accountancy firm?

No, our Interim FDs work as insiders within the client’s organisation, providing close support, both financial and business, to Chief Executives and Management Teams. We often work with our client’s accountancy firms as appropriate, i.e. in the same manner that a permanent incumbent would do so, and we add value be making the client/accountancy firm relationship more efficient. We also have relationships with accountancy firms to help meet client needs as required.

What other services does Intervallum offer?

  • Part Time Finance Director Services
  • Business Review & Health Check
  • Non Executive Director Services
  • Executive development for corporate clients
  • Mentoring of executives on a personal basis
  • Career management
  • Training courses
  • Public Speaking and Event Hosting
  • Articles, Research & Business Writing
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"Paul was brought into this Private Equity backed Business as Interim Finance Director to assist in cash collections to meet bank debt repayment, relocation of the head Office from Kent to Leicestershire and in a round of refinancing.Paul has been a benefit to the company during a difficult time and I would not hesitate in recommending Paul/Intervallum Limited as a provider of Interim Finance Director Services."

Steve Bush, Management Accountant,
CET Safehouse Limited.