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"Paul Hooper-Keeley joined Mills CNC as Interim Finance Director in April 2011. He quickly got to grips with the day to day accountancy requirements and brought new expertise to our finance department to assist our rapid growth. In the summer of 2011, Paul managed the financial aspects of a refinancing of the business, including co-ordinating financial due diligence to the satisfaction of our bank. Paul was appointed equity Finance Director in January 2012. The business has grown rapidly with sales increasing from ÂŁ27m in 2010 to ÂŁ60m in 2014. Paul has professionally managed the development of the accounts function of 8 people throughout this period. In 2013, the business began a management transition to a new senior management team. Paul provided financial support throughout this process, culminating in a management buy-out in June 2014. The fact that the bank was willing to complete this refinancing without the need for financial due diligence reflects the confidence that the bank had with the financial management of the business, led by Paul. The MBO also involved the creation of an innovative employee benefit trust that will benefit all employees of the company going forward. Again, Paul oversaw the financial aspects of this technical exercise. As part of the MBO process, Paul agreed to become Managing Director on a temporary basis to assist the business in the early months post transaction and to fast track the development of the new Board. We appreciate the positive contribution that Paul has made to the business and wish him well for the future."
Adam Attwood, Chairman, Mills CNC Limited


"Mr Hooper-Keeley was initially engaged on a 3-month contract as Finance Director with Intraining, further extended, on several occasions to in excess of 10 months duration. During his time at Intraining, he introduced the weekly “Flash Report” at a very early stage of his tenure to gain visibility of Intraining’s potential income streams through the business each week, as well as acting as an early warning mechanism for the operational areas of the business. From an accounting perspective, he developed a monthly dashboard (both graphical and numeric) to give the Senior Management Team (SMT) a view of the business to EBITDA level and key areas on a 12-month rolling average basis highlighting trends. He brought the Balance Sheet to the SMT’s pack and constructed a monthly Cash Flow Statement for the company, focusing Senior Managers within the business on operational cash generation, working capital management, and loan repayments. Paul assisted the Group recruitment process in bringing in a Managing Director and permanent Finance Director to Intraining, as well as completely re-recruiting and/or re-deploying the Intraining Finance & Supply Chain Management Teams (and in the process has reduced the head count and costs). He was part of the Work Programme project team that achieved a maximum of 7 LOTS on the DWP framework. Furthermore, he was able to contribute to Intraining’s Competitor Intelligence via his contacts within the Private Equity community. Overall, during his time with Intraining, Paul has been a valued member of the Senior Management Team and to me personally and has contributed greatly to the continued development and success of the business."
Phil Bonell, Managing Director, The Intraining Group Limited


"Paul has implemented a number of positive changes to the Finance team during his time at Intraining resulting in what is now a department with a highly skilled workforce that can add real commercial value to the company. I found Paul very approachable and always willing and able to offer clear and informed feedback and advice. His theoretical/academic knowledge is, from my experience, second to none but, more importantly, Paul has the experience in the practicalities of the actual application and what works best in a real business environment. One thing that differentiates Paul from other Interim's I have worked for/with is his focus on his current 'placement' and the motivation to provide a quality service for as long as there is the requirement. This is shown by Paul's 3 month contract at Intraining which subsequently turned to a 10 month contract in order to ensure the company could source the best full time replacement. I wish Paul all the best in his future roles."
Gary Vaughton, Financial Modelling & Planning Manager, The Intraining Group Limited


"Paul exhibits all the requisite characteristics of an executive line manager; a keen sense of drive & purpose, an adaptive management style, clear focus upon the 'job in hand' whilst always maintaining sight of the bigger picture & the broader strategy."
Glyn Evans, Supply Chain Manager, The Intraining Group Limited


"Paul has played a central role in this extremely hectic financial period against a background in which he has had to manage the creditors against a very tight cash flow and negotiate (successfully) with the Crown to spread payment of our taxes over a longer period of time. The Board extended his initial 5 months in order to maintain continuity during this testing time for the company. Paul has demonstrated a calm and positive manner throughout this period instigating and managing the myriad of changes necessary when the finance function is relocating and the company is refinancing."
Bob Blunden, Chief Executive Officer, CET Safehouse Limited


"CET Safehouse Limited was in the process of moving their Finance Department from Kent to the Midlands and Paul was recommended to the company, through their external private equity investor, to assist the incumbent FD in the process. Paul's professionalism, experience, calmness and management ability ensured a smooth transitioning of the function to the new head office with minimal disruption to the business. Paul's work and efforts were regarded highly to such an extent that upon the FD's subsequent and unrelated resignation, Paul was requested to act as interim FD, providing the full remit of FD's duties, until a permanent replacement FD was in place."
Donald Houston, Director/Company Secretary at CET Safehouse Limited


"Paul was brought into this Private Equity backed Business as Interim Finance Director to assist in cash collections to meet bank debt repayment, relocation of the head Office from Kent to Leicestershire and in a round of refinancing. I worked closely with Paul in my role as Finance Manager and found him to be a technically highly competent professional, easy to understand and excellent to learn from. Paul is hard working and I found his advice and direction excellent, even more so due to me being new to the company. Paul has been a benefit to the company during a difficult time and I would not hesitate in recommending Paul/Intervallum Limited as a provider of Interim Finance Director Services."
Steve Bush, Management Accountant, CET Safehouse Limited


"Paul joined the business as a result of the Company’s MBO from Renew Holdings plc on 19 September 2005. He reflected the terms of this MBO within the books and performed the consolidation for the new holding company. Paul undertook a benchmarking exercise with our insurance policies and achieved a premium reduction in excess of 50%. Also, on the financial closure of a £100m PFI contract he negotiated a £10m performance bond premium of 0.8% with a commercial surety compared with the 2.5% the company had used previously via their bankers. During a later refinancing, Paul had involvement in the Vendor Due Diligence, Legal Due Diligence and Insurance Due Diligence as well as with the shareholder’s advisors. During his time with the business, it had grown from a turnover of £89m to a forecasted turnover of £200m. All accounts were completed and the packs sent out to the respective stakeholders within a 28 day deadline every month without fail."
Kevin Cox, Managing Director, Bullock Construction Limited


"Paul is a true, professional gentleman and I have known him for many years. When I set up my own Event Management Company in 2009, I had no hesitation in using Paul's services as his experience, knowledge and calmness has helped me move my business forward from the first year into the second year, a smooth transition which wouldn't have been the case without Paul. I can honestly say I am proud to be a friend and business associate of Paul Hooper-Keeley."
Jo Bailey, Managing Director, Diamond Edge Events Limited


"Paul has provided his services to our company for a number of years now and we have been very happy with his work. He is professional and very knowledgeable in his field and I would have no hesitation in recommending him."
Jennifer Knowles, Director, Purple Cat Limited


"Paul worked at my client's offices as Interim Finance Director and delivered real value to them at a time when they were experiencing significant business change. He proved to be extremely goal focussed and was able to deliver results beyond those which were expected. I would recommend Paul highly."
Leon Welsh, Recruitment Consultant on behalf of client, Star Sportswear Limited


"Paul worked with me to complete the ÂŁ20m buy-out of Eurotel Ltd in 2005 and is capable of delivering results in any industry sector and worked tirelessly and diligently to maintain the progress of Eurotel through the buy-out."
Anthony Rex, Managing Director, Eurotel Limited


"Paul joined the Finance team at the Eurotel Group in order to help facilitate the £20m Management Buyout of the Group backed by Young Associates in July 2005. Paul contributed significantly in the transaction, successfully preparing the financial records of the Group for the statutory audit and Due Diligence prior to completion. Paul’s comprehensive experience and technical knowledge and was invaluable during a very busy period for the Group. Paul conducted himself in a thoroughly professional manner at all times and developed excellent relations at all levels within the business. I enjoyed working both alongside Paul and being his direct report as the Group Financial Controller when he stepped into the Interim Group Finance Director role post completion. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul for any senior finance role."
Simon Wetherell, Group Financial Controller, Eurotel Limited


"Paul's achievements at Martin Shelton Group plc (AIM listed) demonstrate his ability to deliver results in the public company arena."
Anthony Rex, Finance Director, Martin Shelton Group plc.


"I worked directly for Paul over a period of six years at NIC Services Group. I first met Paul when I joined NIC, a large turnover company, of which Paul managed the group’s finance. I found him to be very dedicated and highly motivated in his work and was excellent at managing his teams. I really enjoyed working for him at NIC Services Group. He was a very approachable manager and due to his management style I always felt a valued member of his team. I fully recommend Paul to any corporation."
Scott Knowles, IT Manager, NIC Services Group.


"I worked with Paul at both Martin Shelton and then later at NIC Services Group. I first met Paul when he joined Martin Shelton, a few months after I had. I found him to be very dedicated and highly motivated in his work and was excellent at managing his teams. I really enjoyed working with him at Martin Shelton and it was a pleasure to work with him again at NIC Services Group. He was a very approachable manager, and I always felt he was part of the team by the way he interacted with his staff. Since leaving NIC I can honestly say that the line managers I’ve worked with have fallen short of my expectations of what a good manager should be, from what I had experienced working with Paul."
Simon-Peter Bowling, Assistant Accountant, Martin Shelton Group plc & NIC Services Group.

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